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With over 30+ years of experience, we've become professionals at making hydraulic cylinders feel brand new

Hydraulic cylinder repairs is something we take tremendous pride in. Each one of our cylinders are put through an extensive quality assurance process to ensure that our work is met with the highest possible standard.


Our experienced mechanics are well versed in the latest industry standards, so it's no surprise that we handle all types of components across a number of different industries. Here are some of the industries we have worked with

  • Landscape service sector

  • Aviation ground support companies

  • Construction sector

  • Mining sector

  • Waste collection sector

  • Freight and logistics sector

  • Public service sector 

  • Rod Cylinders

  • Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders – Double Acting

  • Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders – Single Acting

  • High Pressure Hydraulic Rams

  • Low Profile Hydraulic Rams

  • Piston Accumulators

  • Very Large Bore Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Very Long Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Very Large Bore Telescopic Cylinders

  • Very Long Stroke Telescopic Cylinders

  • Small Bore Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Custom Designed Hydraulic Cylinders

  • OEM Hydraulic Cylinders

  • After Market Hydraulic Cylinders

  • High Technology Hydraulic Cylinders

  • High Mix, Low Volume Cylinder Production

  • Custom Mounts

  • Multiple Mounts

  • Custom Rod Ends

  • Cushions

  • Special Porting

  • Fittings Installed

  • Piping Installed

  • Manifolds Installed

  • Control Valves Installed

  • Protective Guards

  • Metallic Rod Scrapers

  • Special Piston Designs

  • Special Seals

  • High Temperature

  • Low Temperature

  • Special Coatings

  • Special Materials

  • Electronic Sensors Installed

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